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Under the Boardwalk Empire


Dear Stupid Blog,

Have you seen Boardwalk Empire? Oh, you haven’t? Is it possible, blog, that you’re unconvinced by the involvement of Martin Scorsese? Or even that that you feel Scorsese gimped the show permanently by directing a pilot episode whose quality (re: budget) can never be approached by any subsequent episode because whoever they get to direct those episodes, it’s not going to be Martin Fucking Scorsese?

I guess you’re probably right, blog. I never thought about it that way.

Honestly, it’s going to take me a few days to process the fact that Omar from The Wire is really stretching his acting chops by playing a remarkably well-spoken – though brutal! – petty criminal who seems to be gay. After that maybe I can write something proper about Boardwalk Empire. In the meantime, though, here is a video I just whipped up with Matt Paley of what the show’s theme song should be.


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